BLACK HORIZON The documentary Film investigating the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico


BLACK HORIZON - We stand up for the truth
BLACK HORIZON The documentary Film investigating the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico
A feature film length, 90 min. High Definition documentary investigating the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond!

We certainly all know by now, that the situation in the Gulf of Mexico will be impacting our entire globe and our future generations for many  decades to come. From our world’s food chain, to air quality and the  global climate, our oceans ability to recover and the significant  alteration of our ways of living, the unprecedented oil disaster in the  Gulf of Mexico will harm and change our future in many and massive ways.
Stefanie Voigt (president of aquamotion film & tv production, Advisory Board of, is an underwater film & tv documentary producer  and underwater camera operator for more than 20 years. Living in Miami,  Florida for over 14 years, Stefanie has been on top of the oil spill  disaster in the Gulf of Mexico since the very first day the BP Deep Water Horizon Platform exploded on Earth Day- April 20th 2010.
On June 8th 2010 World Oceans Day, Stefanie had organized a public rally in Germany and with over 400 people attending, she started to spread  awareness about the oil disaster and how it will affect the rest of the  world in the years to come; but that is not enough, she claims:
My heart is bleeding and I have cried many tears, had sleepless nights and spent almost 20 hours each day on top of the oil subject. It is now  time to go into the zone and document Ground Zero for the world to  understand the magnitude and extent of the Biggest oil disaster in world history.With the help of renowned experts and scientists, I will investigate what this impact will mean to our future generations.
Even though I am very afraid to witness the pain and sufferings of animals  dying under the most cruel conditions, as well as humans suffering from  the loss of their livelihood and greatly risking their health, I am now  more than ready to document the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico on  location and far beyond!
An Emmy Award Winning Camera Team I had the pleasure to work with for over 10 years, is long ready for my call to get out into the Gulf and  realize this mission which I named: "Black Horizon"
I promise you by my honor and professional values, that I will document  only the truth! I will try to investigate what we did not reveal in the news yet, I will talk to scientists, engineers, politicians, families  affected, Clean-up organizations, hotel owners, fishermen and animal  rescuers, Oil workers, doctors and hospitals, chemical specialists as  well as locals and the children who are the forefathers of our future  generations, living through this critical moment of time and entirely  depending on our decisions, information and actions!
I will answer YOUR questions in this documentary, I will NOT cover-up the truth and I will face 'the facts of reality as long as I can breathe'!   stefanie voigt - 07/07/10
For our planet’s future ...
Stefanie Voigt, aquamotion film & tv
Confirmed Interviews for the documentary film production:
Black Horizon
We are very honored to have these experts on board for this important mission and look forward to hearing their opinions on this subject! Thank you!
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