BLACK HORIZON The documentary Film investigating the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico


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Ryan Johnston - Executive Producer - BLACK HORIZON
Ryan Johnston - Executive Producer - BLACK HORIZON
Ryan Johnston - Executive Producer - BLACK HORIZON
R Y A N   J O H N S T O N
President & CEO of Champion Motorsports Marketing, LLC
about: Ryan Johnston
Ryan Johnston is an Executive Producer on Black Horizon. Ryan is handling funding of the project, implementing sponsor integration & activation, as well as everyday business in relation to the film. Ryan will be tying  likenesses to the film as far as Celebrities & Activists that are passionate about using their likeness to spread the message concerning  the environment.
Ryan raised funding for “The 5th Quater” starring Aidan Quinn, Ryan Merriman, Andie MacDowell. “A true to life football film was made into a Hollywood  film.” Ryan personally raised over $6.7 million for the film.
Ryan also handles NASCAR, IndyCar, Grand-Am, and other motorsports series clients in management and sponsorship procurement.  He has X-Games Freestyle athletes he manages and even MMA Fighters.  Ryan has diversified himself in raising sponsorship throughout sports, to even include in Partnering with famed explorer G. Michael Harris, as they are both leading the Expedition to dive Titanic in 2012 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary.  Mike Harris was the first Explorer to ever bring up artifacts from Titanic that traveled the world on tour.  Ryan brings a lot of energy to Black Horizon and will bring a lot of awareness to the Hollywood & Sports communities concerning the project.
Ryan has served as the Executive Producer on various television productions. “One show that was put in AMC & Regal theaters LIVE as a Fathom Event  was titled "Sons of the Fallen". Produced in Colorado, Ryan brought in client Bill Goldberg and actor Ryan Merriman. Clint Black was also brought in to perform for one of the cast members. “The show was focused on 25 boys that have lost their fathers serving overseas. Conrad Ricketts was the show's Executive Producer beside Ryan. Conrad is the Executive Producer on "Extreme Makeover Home Edition".
Ryan brought in the US Virgin Islands Department of Tourism to integrate at  the end of "Sons of the Fallen" to announce the filming of "Daughters of Courage". Ryan raised funding to film "Daughters of Courage" where he was instrumental as an Executive Producer creating the same type of  programming for television that they had done previously with "Sons of  the Fallen". Ryan again brought in actor Ryan Merriman to help Mentor  young girls that had lost their fathers serving overseas. Filmed in the US Virgin Islands on the island of St. Thomas, this show is sure to be another great project by Ryan and his clients.
Clients incl.:  Steve Park, .Larry McReynolds, Leilani Muenter, Bill Goldberg, Lou Santiago, Mil Cannon, Rick Bieber, Roush Fenway Racing, Joe Sylvester, One Good Turn, Heath Frisby, Joe Parsons, Akraix ATV Team, Antwain Britt, G. Michael Harris, Crash Gladys and many more.


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