“We have to get off fossil fuels. The worst damage is not when we spill them; it’s when we use them; the resulting carbon dioxide is destabilizing the world climate and acidifying the ocean.”
Dr. Carl Safina, Ph.D.
“The thousands of aging oil rigs and associated corroding pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico represent, in essence, a vast unexploded minefield of horrendous proportions. It thus presents the potential for an endless series of environmental disasters in the years to come. It is critical therefore that it be completely charted, each oil rig carefully inspected, corrective action taken as appropriate, and an effective system of periodic monitoring be established.”
Alfred Scott McLaren , Captain, USN (Ret.), Ph.D.
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“It is impossible to clean up an oil spill once it has spilled.”
Dr. Riki Ott, Ph.D.

“The biggest danger we face is failing to learn the profoundly important lessons from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster, and yet it appears we are well on our way to doing just that.

From the reckless use of dispersants to the draconian restrictions on scientists’ ability to collect and share data,  we must know and share the full story of what happened before, during and after the spill. The “Black Horizon” film project represents one of the most important vehicles to tell this story completely and honestly, to help ensure we indeed learn our lesson.”

David E. Guggenheim, Ph.D., the “Ocean Doctor”
Senior Fellow, The Ocean Foundation, Washington, DC USA
Last year we all witnessed the death of a periphal sea, namely the Gulf of Mexico. Whales, sea turtles as well as many other marine life forms will suffer from this poisonous broth for many years to come. Deep sea corals for example, require a time-span of a hundred years to recover. In order to avoid a repeat of this grave damage to the marine environment, an immediate ban on oil drilling in the Arctic should be put in place. We must also inspire and prepare mankind through information and enthusiastic conviction, for a post-fossile fuel future.”
Dr. Onno Gross, Marine Biologist, President DEEPWAVE -  The Marine Conserveration Organization
"With the industrialised worlds insatiable lust for mobility and fossil  fuels, we are all responsible for the consequences of our demands.

Our requirement for affordability often encourages compromise, sometimes with environmentally catastrophic results.

With an ever increasing global population, alternative resources must be  embraced and developed to guarantee the future of our planet. As global  guardians, we are all duty bound to make change."
Marcus Fillinger, Polar Explorer

"Just over the past years, oil spill accidents seem to increase in drastic numbers and size. What we have learned from the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, needs to be documented.

This is Gary Stretch, please join me in supporting this very important documentary film. 'Black Horizon' will help to spread awareness and the truth, for the sake of our planet and future generations. Thank you!"

Gary Stretch, Actor, Producer, Director
Tanya Streeter, World Champion in Freediving
Testimonial in the works
Our world is very fragile! We have witnessed this in the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore, we urgently need alternative energy resources.

It is also important that we learn from our mistakes and not commit them again in our future. For this reason, it is important that we understand the global context, this is why the film "Black Horizon" is of great importance!”
Christian Redl, World Champion in Freediving

Dean Bernal, The Marine Wildlife Foundation

 Testimonial in the works

“On behalf of the members of ‘The Art For Science Ocean Fund’ I would like to express, that we are very excited to assist in the project “Black Horizon” and we look forward to a very important mission “To educate, document, take action, learn about and prevent oil disaster”.
Ross Power - President of The Art For Science Ocean Fund
“To allow deep sea drilling, after what was learned from “The largest release of oil and dispersants into the marine environment of the Gulf of Mexico”, is exorbitant. However, to continue deep sea drilling and repeatedly make the same mistakes, is unforgivable.”
Stefanie Voigt - aquamotion film & tv production
BLOWOUT by Dr. Carl Safina Dr. Carl Safina
Alfred Scott  McLaren - SAS Senior Pilot - Maui 2010 Alfred Scott Mc Laren, USN (Ret.), Ph.D. at the Explorers Club's Lowell Thomas Awards Dinner in New York.
Dr Riki Ott - Not One Drop
Dr. Riki Ott, Ph.D.
Dr. David E. Guggenheim Ph.D. - "Ocean Doctor" Dr. David E. Guggenheim Ph.D. - "Ocean Doctor"
www.OceanDoctor.org  -  Dr. David E. Guggenheim Ph.D. - "Ocean Doctor"
Dr. Onno Gross - Marine Biologist, The DeepWave.org www.DeepWave.org
Plastic in the ocean Report by Deepwave
Oil Spill Report by Deepwave
Marcus Fillinger - Polar Explorer

Commercial photographer, extreme diver and polar explorer Marcus Fillinger of Canberra, Australia became the first person to dive solo and unassisted at the Geographic North Pole.

Gary Stretch - Actor, Producer, Director Gary Stretch in ALEXANDER Gary Stretch in THE HEAVY
Gary Stretch in DEAD MANS SHOE Gary Stretch in THE KING MAKER

Gary Stretch, actor in: Alexander (Oliver Stone), The Heavy (Marcus Warren),
Dead Man's Shoes (Shane Meadows), The King Maker (Lek Kitaparaporn) etc.

Tanya Streeter - World Champion in Freediving Tanya Streeter - World Champion in Freediving
Christian Redl , World Champion in Freediving Christian Redl Weltrekord unter Eis, photo by: Harald  Slauschek
Dean Bernal
"The Marine Wildlife Foundation" Dean Bernal & JoJo
The Dean & JoJo Children's Enrichment Fund
www.OCEANFUND.org Ross Power, Environmental Artist
www.aquamotion.tv Stefanie Voigt - Producer "Black Horizon"